Senior Membership

Senior membership offers adults access to courts and other facilities any time during the week and weekend.

Casual play available 7am–10pm.

(Priority goes to club events, interclub and pre-booked games.)

Interclub teams at all levels – mixed doubles or same-sex singles and doubles.

  • Senior interclub on Saturday afternoons.
  • Twilight interclub on Monday and Tuesday from 6:00pm.
  • Winter interclub on Sundays.
  • Presidents interclub 35+ - doubles only - mixed and same sex


Seniors Rep:  Lawrence Watt - Ph: 817 5536 or email

Interclub Controller:  Blair O'Brien - Ph: 021 077 0866

Organised Senior Play:

  • Senior Club Night, Wednesdays 6:00pm - 10:00pm year round with the first hour being drills
  • Senior Club Afternoon, Sunday from 3:30pm during summer with the first hour being drills
  • Drills 6:00pm Wednesdays; 3:30pm Sundays during summer (additional costs)

For those more interested in social tennis, Wednesday club night mixes all players together and finishes with a relaxing few drinks at the bar.  Burgers and sausages available.

The bar is open on Wednesday club night from 8:00pm – 10:00pm